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How to cook Chicken Doner

If you plan on improving your cooking skills check out this chicken doner recipe. Usually there are many ways you can cook your chicken but there's no harm in trying this new way of cooking it.

What you need.

1 kg boneless chicken meat



Black pepper




Cooking oil

Lime juice

Tomato sauce.

What to do.

1. Cut the chicken into thick slices.

2. Marinate the chicken with salt, paprika, black pepper, turmeric and garlic.

3. Add lime juice to it and let it marinate for thirty minutes.

4. Put the chicken breast on a non-stick pan.

5. Drizzle cooking oil on the pan and on a low heat, sear the chicken for about ten minutes on each side until it is Golden brown.

6. Drizzle the tomato ketch up on your chicken.

You can enjoy this as a meal on its own or you can enjoy with potato wedges.

Content created and supplied by: Carol c (via Opera News )

Chicken Doner


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