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How To Cook Tasty Managu.

By Calvine Serem.

Managu in English is called African nightshade.Its leaves are eaten as cooked vegetables and are often mixed with other vegetables.The vegetables are rich in nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C and Ascorbic acid.They are also rich source of protein,zinc, calcium, iodine,iron and carbohydrates.It provides. an excellent supply of vitamin A which helps in brain development and boosting immunity . Vitamin C helps to heal cuts and wounds.Reaserch has proven that Managu heals more than 17 diseases.


3 bunches of Managu leaves.

1 Chopped onion.

4 chopped tomatoes.

Cooking oil.

1 Tablespoon of salt.

1 cup of fresh milk.


1/2 cup of water.


1.Pluck the Managu leaves then wash with cold water twice.

2.Place the Managu in the sufuria and add half a cup of water and let it boil for atleast 20 minutes as you stir until water is completely drained.

3.Add desired amount of cooking oil as you stir.

4.Add the chopped pieces of onions and stir .

5.When the onions turn brown,add the chopped pieces of tomatoes. Stir the mixture until the tomatoes soften.

6.Add a cup of milk, cover and let it simmer for atleast 10 minutes to remove the bitterness.

7.Once the milk is drained add 1 tablespoon of salt and desired amount of cream. Cover it and let it simmer for atleast 3-5 minutes.

Managu is best served with ugali and sour milk.

Meal for 3.

Content created and supplied by: calvineserem (via Opera News )

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