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Which Is Unhealthier Chapati Or Rice

Different minerals and vitamins are provided to your body from both chapati and rice hence they are good for consumption. Both the chapati and rice should be taken in moderation,

the difference is rice is easier to digest and lighter in your stomach, hence using a diet when eating rice and chapati would help,

for example feeding on chapati during lunch time and taking rice as dinner meal during the night, so as to be able to have a lighter dinner meal.

Majority of people would choose rice as a best alternative because of many reasons and the rice being lighter meal compared to chapati as one of them,

some would choose to include chapati in their meal since it is able to keep their stomach full for a longer time when compared to rice hence would make them be more satisfied before feeling hungry again.

Advantages of eating rice;

1) It is easy to digest rice when taken as a meal and is the suitable meal when a person is facing a stomach upset.

2) Water soluble vitamins known as folate are found in high amounts in rice which are very good for your health.

Disadvantages of eating rice;

1) Rice which is white in color is commercially available, where the outermost layer is removed during the processing stage. The removal of the outer layer causes the rise to be stripped off its micro nutrients which are washed away.

2) Blood sugar levels increase as you eat the white rice because of the higher glycemic index leaving you with a lethargic feeling after taking it. Hence white rice becomes unfriendly to diabetic people.

Advantages of eating chapati;

1) High fiber content is found in chapati making it to be a nutritious meal hence good for your health.

2) Protein and healthy complex fats that are required by the body so as to be broken down and provide sufficient energy for the body normal activities, are present in chapati and at the same time chapati keeps you satisfied longer.

3) Healthier diet consists of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium which are present in chapati hence taking chapati is healthier.

4) Theblood sugar levels of people who are diabetic does not rise quickly for people who feed on chapati, compared to people who feed on rice where their blood sugar levels rise quickly, hence chapati becomes a more suitable option for people who are diabetic.

5) Finally, Chapati can be used in preventing people from eating often because it stays for longer in the stomach hence keeping you satiated, this is very helpful for people who are obese since it stops them from feeding often.

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