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"Does Cucumbers Have all That?" Sonko Lights The Internet After Posting This

A Cucumber is a vine plant that bears cucumiform fruits which are used as vegetables.

The former governor for Nairobi county has sparked mixed reactions after posting that he will start Cucumber farming due to the high numbers of customers it is having.

Governor has highlighted that ladies are the best Customers of the cucumbers due to the seven benefits and nutrients contained in a Cucumber.

1. They are antioxidants

This means that the cucumber allows your body to perform optimally and helps in preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

2. Aids in weight loss

This is because Cucumbers have few calories and are rich in soluble fiber. They also contain a lot of water.

3. Helps in lowering the blood sugar.

Cucumbers help in lowering the blood sugar due to the high dietary fiber they contain.

4. Cucumbers promote hydration

Cucumbers contains a lot of water thus supplement the need for water in your body.

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