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Top 3 Weirdest Foods In The World

Food is a universal language that everyone speaks. It has evolved to suit the tastes of a diverse people, culture and ethnicity. It's no surprise that there are foods you might consider weird. The following are lists of the top 8 weird foods in the world.

1) The penis fish.

In South Korea, the penis fish is a popular delicacy food. Penis fish typically eaten raw, sliced and served with a savoury sesame oil sauce. It is purportedly a little bit bland with a slight sweet taste, which makes the sauce crucial.

2)Brain curry.

Goat Brain Curry is one of the bizarre foods you can have in different parts of India.The spices vary from region to region but it is mostly a stir- fried dry dish and served with some gravy dish. It is made by stir -frying raw brain, cumin, and black pepper . It is easy to cook and gets very fast.

3) Balut.

Balut is a developing duck embryo, boiled alive and eaten whole from its shell. It tastes like a regular boiled egg with duck broth and an extra crunch inside from the half formed ducklings bones.

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