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Here is the meaning of KEG barrel that many people misinterpret

Many alcohol users are familiar with the term KEG which is mostly used in bars, wines and spirits shops and even in some restaurants. Senator lager is one of the alcohol brands in East Africa which most people refer to it as a keg. It is mostly consumed due to its affordability and availability.

However, the term KEG was used since the past. It was a barrel made of a wood unlike the current metallic one. According to sources, It was commonly used by the Millitary and warriors to carry nails, gunpowder. After it was turned to be a metallic, it was then used to carry variety of liquids.

In recent times, a keg is constructed of a stainless steel and it is commonly used to store, transport and serve beer. People have been misinterpreting this to mean the beer itself. In terms of capacity, a quarter barrel has a volume of 7.75 U. S gallons.

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