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Why Kenyan Popular Street Food "Mutura" Is Loved by Many

After a long day at work, while heading home. The smell and sight of roasting Mutura calls, believe me it's irrisistable. Mutura is a combination of pieces of meat, stuffed with cocktail spices such as garlic,gingers, scallions and chile.

The beauty of eating Mutura is the cover of darkness, eating it by the roadside and eating it by your hands which are most likely not washed. Also not forgetting sprinkling some kachumbari on it.

Walking through middle income and low income parts of the city. One will encounter Mutura being sold by the roadside. The seller is usually dressed in a white lab coat with some stains of blood and his roasting rolls Infront of him. 'Nikatie ya mbao na ueke kachumbari,' is the common language. The guy will pick up his roll and cut for you six pieces of the meat and sprinkles kachumbari. After having a taste you will surely ask for more like dj Khaled another one.

The Mutura seller also has bone soup cooking by the side and ugali to accompany the delicacy. There is usually no plates the dish is served on a piece of wood with the ugali starting price being 20 ksh and soup 10 ksh. The seller usually handles money and food with the same hands but who cares our stomachs got used. Plus the delicacy is too tasty to consider all that while eating.

After the delicacy you drink up your bone soup. Especially in this cold weather it gives you are the warmth you deserve.

Mutura is mostly sold near bars. Before or after taking your drinks you take your Mutura. The stories that goes on at the Mutura table are also the best. Some talking about their favorite teams or bantering their friends for loosing matches. Sometimes the Mutura guy throwing some vibes to a girl who is his regular there.

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