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Tension in Kenya as Popular Juice Company Recalls Its Drink Over High Toxin Levels

Kenyans especially lovers of Juice have been shocked after one popular Juice production company recalled one of its drinks over high levels of toxic substances.

Ceres Juices company on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 recalled its famous Ceres Apple Juice after the company realized that the drink contained extreme high levels of mycotoxins.

The company issued a statement urging all consumers, retailers and wholesalers to return any CERES Apple Juice produced between June 14-30th 2021.

The Mycotoxins are natural occurring toxins produced by certain Fungi’s (Moulds) mostly found on food. The moulds are dangerous to the human body as they have a potential for both acute and chronic health effects in indigestion.

In addition, the mycotoxins cause various infections on the skin, blood stream and lymphatic system. When taken in huge amounts, the toxins affect and damage macrophage systems and increase sensitivity to bacterial endotoxin.

The company is expected to make more statements on the same and how they managed to access the KEBS quality mark with their drinks not fit for human consumption.

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