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[Ripe Banana] - How To Store Banana To Allow It Attain Clear Yellow Colour.

A ripe yellow bananas without any spot are always attractive to customers because. Some get ripe while on the banana tree while others are harvest green and stored to allow it ripe.

In Kenya, most farmers do harvest green banana fruit after they have mature enough to about 75%. It is then stored under an ideal condition to hasten their ripening to meet the market demand and supply.

Here is the secret a farmer should know when he or she want a bunch of green banana to ripe faster; Pack the harvest green banana on a container or a brown box. Cover using a transparent polythene bag and close the box.

The container or the box should be left undisturbed for 48-72 hours, this allows ethylene to build up and circulate within the container or box, speeding up the ripening process. Check at certain intervals in order to take them out at your desired ripeness.

Note that ethylene is an hormones produce by a banana that works on processing the sugar in fruits. It allows banana to ripe thus become soft and change colour.

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