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Mix These Three Things And Feed Your Chicken For Faster Growth And Prevent Them From Getting Diseases

Poultry rearing needs alot of care and it needs commitment for you to succeed. What you feed your chicken determines alot on their growth and the quality eggs. Feeds also can help prevent them from diseases in the chicken.

Their are some available and natural feeds that you can feed your chicken to help them grow faster and build the strong immunity against diseases. In this article am going to share with you the three things to mix together and feed your chicken for faster growth.

Here are the three you should mix together.

Omena, Potato peels and eggshells.

Take omena cut them into small pieces, cut the potato peels into small pieces and crush the eggshells into powder form. Mix the three together and feed your chicken daily to help them grow faster, lay quality eggs and prevent them from infections.

Omena are rich in good Nutrients and good fats, they are also proteins that may help your chicken build strong immunity and helps in bones and the growth of the chicken. Omena like any other fish the fatty acids present in it can help your chicken grow healthy.

The potato peels a on the other hand are so good to feed your chicken. The peels are rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid which makes it good for the chicken to feed on. The ascorbic acid in the peels helps improve the immunity level and prevent the chicken from getting viruses and infections.

Eggshells are the best ever and you should not throw them away. The eggshell when crushed can be easy to feed the chicken. It is rich in calcium and other minerals like magnesium and flouride. Calcium may help in the bone formation and strengthening of the bones in the chicken. Feeding your chicken powder eggshells can give them a healthy bones and body.

Mix this three and feed your chicken and you will see the goodness.

Thank you and follow for more updates.

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