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Check out Why Wine Corks are Produced From Wood in Large Scale.

Wine is one of the most prestigious products that people consume for celebratory and recreation purposes. It's cool to drink on a dinner,on a sunny afternoon, watching sunset or celebrating a birthday. Among the cool things is opening the cork, to get the pop sound and spray some, alias poping. But where do these corks come from?

Most wines use wood corks because of their flamboyancy, elasticity and their aesthetic value.These corks are produced from the bark of a cork oak tree that is found in some parts of South Europe and North Africa. By far, Portugal is the leading producer of this product.

In Portugal, the are trees which have been protected by law and it is illegal to cut them down.They can only be debarked after 15 years of Maturity and are mined every 9years. Farmers use pick axes and other hand held tools to debark the trees. The barks are taken to the factories where the are chopped to the desired cylindlic sizes. Then the corks are shipped all over the world.

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