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Why The Coca Cola Formula Is Hidden Where People Can Not Get To It

Coca Cola is one of the world's most consumed soft drink available almost in all countries. Although we have companies manufacturing it in different parts of the world, that is not where the formula is made. What is actually done in the companies we know is mixing the already made ingredients to get the final product.

The original formula of the drink is hidden as a big secret. It has been kept secret for over 130 years. it is however not hidden because of something bad, No. The reason it is hidden is to protect its original taste. Since it was invented it has never been replicated.

It is only the Coca Cola company that knows how to make the formula that is why you always know you will get the same same taste each time you buy the drink. This secret is among most guarded and best kept formula in the drinks and food industry. The formula is hidden in the Coca Cola vault where not person is allowed to enter except those only authorised.

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Coca Cola Coca Cola Formula


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