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Managu Cooking Recipe

Managu is one of most loved green vegetables love by Kenyan households. The good the about this type of green vegetable is that it is not only highly nutritious but also is locally available in our Kenya markets and also in our upcountry homes.

I want to share briefly on how to cook managu and enjoy without that disgusting bitter taste. Here are the steps:

1.Get your fresh green Managua leaves.

2.Wash them thoroughly but gently.

3.Chop them into small even pieces(optional,many people opt to cook them whole.)

4.warm some water in a cooking sufuria.The water should be moderately hot.

5.Put you chopped/whole Managua to the hot water for about 3 minutes.

6.Strain that water and let your half cooked Managua rest as you prepare to steam them.

7.Fry the onions and add chopped tomatoes. (Don't forget to season with salt)

8.You can spice with coriander leaves.

9.Add you Managua and stir gently.

10.Let the simmer for around 2-4minutes.

Enjoy with ugali or rice.

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Kenyan Managu Managua


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