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Best foods to eat in the morning

ÖBreakfast is a great way to start your day ,because breakfast is like curling up for your day .good breakfast will help you be more motivated when starting the day ,this means that you. Should not just eat bulky foods just to be full but eat balance diet food that will equip your body with minerals ,vitamins ,proteins and carbohydrates .if your morning breakfast will contain all this types of minerals now you should consider yourself that you have eaten breakfast .below are some of the best foods preceded to eat in the morning .

1 eggs

Eggs make a simple nutritious breakfast choice to take ,considering that they are an exelent source of protein which helps support muscle synthesis since protein take a while to digest,taking even 2 eggs can be great to your body everyday .this eggs are available at all markets at 15 Bob each .

2 Greek yogurt

it's made by straining whey and other liquid from milk curds which produces a creamy product that's more concentrated in protein than regular yogurt ,taking this for breakfast offers a fantastic stomach cooking since it's made up of milk products .

3 coffee

aside from water coffee is the world's most popular beverage that is prefered to be taken in the morning .

4 oatmeal

oatmeal is a classic breakfast option and its nutritious to our bodies to be able to sustain us through the day .

5 Chia seeds .

Chia seeds are extremely nutritious and great of fibre to eat for breakfast .if you are looking for a breakfast with fibre then try Chia seeds.

6 berries

Berries are high in fibre and low in calories ,they are also rich in antioxidants that may decrease your risk of diseases

7 cottage cheese

cottage cheese is a fantastic high protein breakfast item that will keep you going for the day .you can decide to eat them over eggs or vise verser because they all contain protein

8 whole wheat toast

if you prefer a simple breakfast in the morning give whole wheat toast a try .you can top it with a wide variety of nutritious spreads you like such as eggs fried or boiled , this will make you a heavy breakfast that will sustain you throughout the day

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