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Is There An English Name For Biryani?

In the entire world, only a few people know that this dish has got no translation into an English name. Biryani, biriyani, beriani, buriyani or beryani is simply a dish made up of rice, spices, chicken, fish, mutton, eggs and vegetables. This names just remain the way they are and can be used by any native.

The name simply means roasted of fried and is derived from the Persian word beryā, which has that similar meaning. It was brought to South Asia after originating from Turkey or Persia by the Muslim travellers and merchants to the Mughal Empire. It has ever been one of the most popular dishes in the kitchen of the Mughal Emperors. It is well known in South Asia and also a staple food of the Deccan- Hyderabad, India.

Biriani used to be traditionally cooked in earthenware pots and is easy to be identified by its unique smell flavour and spices.

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