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Food safety

Delicious meals but most dangerous meals in our dining tables if not handled properly.

Foods are supposed to give nourishment to the body and energy for daily activities, but more than often food stuffs have been known to cause deaths on the table. Either by food poisoning or choking. Surprisingly, foods that are the sweetest may be deadly if not prepared well, or we don't maintain table etiquette which may cause accidents. Here are some of the meals.

The first is Fish, a leading source for protein and important minerals in the body including Omega which boosts the brain activity. Even though a fish in the plate puts a smile in the face, it may turn into a deadly scene if you miss a single bone.

The second is rice, a rich source of starch in the body and among the leading foods most eaten in the world. Talking while eating rice might be the worst mistake in the table for it takes just one grain to put you down.

The third is Mushrooms, an African delicacy that is served mainly in big hotels due to its unavailability though mushroom farming is common nowadays. Mushrooms is a fungus and though edible it has in many cases caused deaths due to its poisonous breeds or in-hygienic farming.

Cassava is another African delicacy, a root tuber and is of pure African origin. It's taken with any meal from breakfast with tea and other meals. Chips are also made from cassavas and are very sweet. There are however, some poisonous breeds of cassavas with the root like veins in its center being very poisonous and has killed a number of people.

These among a variety of other meals that are served at our tables may be very dangerous if hygiene and etiquette is not maintained.

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