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Bread at 60, Milk at 65; Hon Alinur Mohamed Speaks On The Rising Cost Of Living In Kenya

The cost of living in Kenya has been on the raise day by day. As many governments are helping their citizens by cutting down taxes to reduce the cost of living, the Kenyan government is doing exactly the opposite. Recently the cost of petrol was sharply increased. Increasing petrol has a direct impact on commodities since they largely depend on the transport sector.

Kenyans have been crying day by day on the high cost of living. Nevertheless, their cries have always fallen on deaf eyes of the government. Angry Kenyans had to take their frustrations to IMF which had approved a loan of 255B to Kenya. It’s the feeling of many Kenyans that the government is borrowing at a high rate and the money ends in the pockets of few top leaders. Corruption is cited as the major cause. Hon Alinur Mohamed has today spoken on behalf of the many crying Kenyans.

“Bread is Ksh 60. A 500ml packet of milk is now Ksh 65. 1 tomato is Ksh 25. For a single person, breakfast costs KSH 125. How about a family that has 7 members? How will Kenyans survive in this country” Alinur

Share your thoughts on the rising cost of living in Kenya. Is covid-19 the major cause or just poor leadership?

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