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The best white Meat venture

The ever increasing demand for white meat and health consiounsness by consumers has led to more demand for rabbit meat.Other factors leading to increased demand is high returns,faster maturity of rabbits and less capital investment to start capital.

The most popular varieties in Kenya include California white,Flemish giant,New zealand etc which matures within 4 months and starts breeding within 6 months.

A mature rabbit weighs upto 7kgs and a kilo retails at shillings 350 thus good income.A doe gives birth after every 2 months around 8kids thus in a year gives over 30 young ones.

Despite the valuable meat,they produce manure and very costly urine (farmers faces challenges in its collection).

The idea conducive environment for raising rabbits are;clean well ventilated house of 0.9metres by 1.2metres for an adult thus multiply by number of rabbits ones intent to keep.Ensure regular cleaning of feeders and watering equipment as well as regular vaccination.

Feeding for rabbits is very cheap because they can be fed on pellets alongside kitchen wastes,leaves and grasses.

With the above facts one can start the venture in any environment whether warm or cold but design the house appropriately.

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