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Ayam Cemani, The Chicken Breed That Costs 250 000 Kenya Shillings

Ayam Cemani is a chicken breed which is believed to have it's origin in Indonesia, it is currently the most expensive chicken breed in the world for one of it costs a total of 250 000 Kenya shillings and if you want a pair you will be forced to pay up to 500 000 shillings.

What makes the Ayam Cemani chicken breed to be very expensive is some of it's unique features, they are very rare and almost everything in it's body is black starting with the feathers, the eggs, the meat, the eyes among others, the only thing that is not black in it is blood.

Ayam Cemani meat is the most delicious chicken meat in the world with a very strong sweet smell, it's eggs are larger than the eggs laid with other common chickens and they are also very expensive, if you want to became rich fast this is the kind of farming you should start.

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Ayam Cemani Chicken Breed Kenya


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