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Do You Know The Importance of Stickers Placed on Apples And Other Fruits

We all have gone to grocery stores or bought fruits and vegetables with stickers on them. Have you ever asked yourself why fruits like apples have stickers? Do you know their meaning? Well for your information those stickers pasted on the apples or other fruits are for decoration purposes.

In today's article I will be teaching on the meaning and importance of those stickers, and why you should pay attention to fruits with stickers. Those stickers usually display key information about the quality of the fruits and their impacts on your health.

Stickers found on the on the apples or other fruits are called Price Look - up code (PLU).

1. A five code sticker starting with number 9, ( 95043) means that fruit was organically produced and not genetically modified, these fruits are very good for your health. They tend to be expensive.

2. A four digits code sticker eg:(4094), usually means that the fruit was conventionally produced, pesticides and chemical fertilizers were used to grow the fruit, thus they aren't good for your health. These fruits are usually cheaper.

3. A five digits code sticker starting with number 8 (83590), means that the fruit was genetically modified and it is not so much organic.

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