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An Easy, Simple and Convenient Seven-day Meal Plan

Sometimes choosing what to eat for lunch can be stressful. This is because of lacking a meal plan. Meal plans help one in deciding what to eat. It also helps one avoid repeating some meals more than twice a week. Meal plans should consist of what to eat on which day and other factors such as balanced diet should be considered when creating one.

The following is a seven day meal plan that can help you decide what type of food to eat on a particular meal.

1. Monday.

You can start off the week after a long weekend of eating junk food by eating githeri. Githeri has always been an all time favorite in most Kenyan households. The best accompaniment for githeri is Avocado.

2. Tuesday.

On Tuesday consider taking something light. For this case, you can choose mashed potatoes; creamy or not, with beef Stew. 

3. Wednesday.

Rice and beans. I know this meal reminds most people about their primary and highschool days because this was the meal day in day out. Cooking beans especially for people in the city can be very hectic but you can opt to use a pressure cooker, charcoal cooker or buy boiled ones so that you can fry them directly. This meal can be accompanied with a fruit of your choice.

4. Thursday

On Thursday you can cook beef pilau. Thanks to the Swahili community for giving us ideas that can make rice spicier, delicious and enjoyable. Pilau can be served with cabbage or vegetable salad which can be guacamole or the famous "kachumbari" .

5. Friday.

Fridays are for pasta! Yes pasta is easy to cook and takes a short time. The best accompaniment for pasta is meatballs. You'll never go wrong with pasta. 

6. Saturday.

Saturday is chapati day. I know chapati needs quite sometime and some energy and that's why I've recommended Saturday. On Saturday most people are off duty and can find time to make chapati. Even though you can get tired or take some time to get them ready, at the end you won't be disappointed. The chapatis will be accompanied with well prepared ndengu stew and cabbage (optional).

7. Sunday.

On Sunday I recommend the best combo since long ago, well that is nothing other than chips and chicken. You can decide to cook at home or go to a restaurant and eat the same. For the ones who will cook at home chicken can be cooked according to your taste and cravings. Serve this with a drink, most preferably mango juice.

That is it for the meal plan. You now know what you are going to eat for the whole week. It is good to eat a balanced diet and take enough water. For fatty foods, it is advised that you take warm water after the meal.

Content created and supplied by: Donnamandy (via Opera News )

An Easy Avocado Githeri Kenyan


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