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10 Foods In Your Kitchen That You Didn't Know Could Kill You

In most of our homes, especially in the kitchen, there are different types of tasty, delicious foods that can be fatal. This can be as a result of consuming it in high amounts or consuming some parts of the food that aren't supposed to be consumed.

Here is a list of some of them;-

1. Uncooked eggs.

Some people like to eat uncooked eggs. Although it has some health benefits, uncooked eggs contain salmonella bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis in humans that could be fatal to people with weak immune systems.

2. Potatoes.

Potatoes are edible starchy tubers that are staple foods in most of our homes. However, potato leaves contain glycoalkaloids that are associated with headaches, diarrhea and can lead to death. Even though deaths are rare, mostly have been caused due to the consumption of the green potatoes.

3. Chili peppers.

Peppers have been known to have a chemical called capsaicin that makes them spicy. However, consuming alot of peppers could be fatal and can lead to your lungs constricting.

4. Raw milk.

Drinking raw milk straight from the animal like cows and goats is highly not advisable. This is because raw milk contains bacteria E.coli and Listeria that are fatal to the body. Hence milk should only be taken after its pasteurized.

5. Margarines.

Margarines are mostly used in our homes as spreads on bread. However, margarine contains high levels of hydrogenated oils that are packed with trans fats. These fats are deadly to the body in high amounts and can lead to increased risks of heart disease and cancer.

6. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are almost found in every household. They are normally used to prepare stew and salads. While the fruit is the only advisable part of the tomato plant you should eat, the stem and the leaves can cause digestive problems. This is because they contain a poisonous glycoalkaloid that causes anxiety and crampings.

7. Honey.

Honey is sweet when consumed and also some people use it as a spread or as an alternative to sugar. However, eating too much of it when it's not pasteurized could be fatal. This is because pyrrolizidine alkaloids and poisonous toxins are found in it. These can cause vomiting, dizziness and headaches.

8. Nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a hard aromatic seed that is normally used as a spice when ground. However, studies have shown that the nutmeg seed could be hallucinogenic and can also cause hyper-excitation.

9. Mushrooms.

Not all mushrooms are good for human consumption. Some of the species contain poisons that can actually kill. The crimini mushrooms are the ones that are mostly safe for consumption.

10. Seeds of fruits like peaches, cherries and olives.

While it is very advisable to eat the fleshy juicy parts of the above fruits, leaves and their seeds are deadly when consumed. This is because they contain prussic acid and amygladin that produces cyanide. Large amounts in the body can lead to dizziness, increased blood pressure and even death.

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