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Know the English name of Mutura the Kenyan delicacy

The habit of grabbing a roadside snack on your way home after a long day of work is common in many African cities. In Kenya, the snack of choice is locally known as mutura

Mutura was an essential product at Gikuyu gatherings, made to satisfy the hunger of guests during the ceremony before the main meal.

Mutura is an intestine encased with minced meat inside. The intestines used are either large or small intestines.Mutura is a very delicious food hence it is liked by most people in Kenya. Mutura can be found almost in every street in Kenya.

Mutura is the common word used to refer it, hence most people don't know the English name.

Mutura translated into English as "African blood sausage" or 'African sausage'

It was earlier known as African blood sausage before it was named The African sausage because initially it was made from blood from goats or cows as the main ingredient.

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