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Micro Greens are the most Nutritious Type of Food And Also Are Easy To Cultivate.

Micro greens are very important to fill in the nutrition gap.Health conscious individual have been including micro greens in their diet especially in this period of the ongoing pandemic.

Examples of micro greens are leeks ,broccoli,mustard,fenugreek,kales ,sesame,turnip etc.I know most Of you have enjoyed eating these food as part of their diet plan. Despite being extremely nutritious also termed as 'super food" ,They can be grown in a short span that is between a week or 14 days,this is why most people are becoming micro green entrepreneurs.

A seed goes through various growth stages before it becomes a mature plant.One of it is micro green stage in which the seed develops in to tiny plants.Micro greens are normally tender in form of green vegetables,herbs and pulses.They are greater source of vitamins and minerals which are called micro nutrients and are required in small amount in the body.

It is well known that a huge portion of India population suffers from Micro nutrient Deficiency that lead to impaired growth and many serious health conditions like heart disease,diabetes and also cancer among others.

Thus its good to always include micro greens in your meal to help in boosting your immunity.

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