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Origin Of The Name "Chang'aa" One Of The Cheepest Spirits Consumed By Low Class Liquor Addicts.

Though Chang'aa is illegal in kenya, it's one of the cheepest found. However, how did this name come to being?

"The name chang'aa was adopted in the 1950's when Oyuga Muganda, an Ap in Kisimu , once narrated a story in the presence of Tom Omuga how pelele(aka woraj) got its name as Chang'aa.

Women from the Kanu area of kisimu used to ferry fresh milk in pots to sell to kisumu residents. The colonial government had banned the sell of local liquor(Pelele) and so the women carring milk also carried Pelele disguised as milk.

One day a white police man who had been tipped off about the underground trafficking of pelele stopped the womans on the road to inspect there pots of "milk". One of the pots had Pelele and not milk.

The policeman ordered all the pots lined on the roadside and asked "maziwa ya nani?"

An interpreter repeated in Dholuo " ma Chag ng'aa?" (meaning, whose milk is this?").

So the policeman charged the woman with transporting and selling chang'aa."

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Chang'aa Kanu Kisimu Pelele Tom Omuga


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