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Simple steps on how to distinguish Between Raw Honey and Fake Honey.

The term "Raw honey" reffers to honey that comes directly from the honeycomb.Nothing has been added or removed.This is the honey most people want to buy.But over the years honey has grown into a business.When this happened the quality of honey dropped significantly.

The main difference between raw honey and other types of honey for sale is that raw honey still contains pollen.Pollen is one of the main benefits of eating raw honey.

How can honey be fake.

Nearly 76% of the honey in circulation around the world is considered to be counterfeit honey.This means that most of the honey has been crystalized and the bee pollen is removed.

Eliminating all nutritional and health properties of honey is not worth making it even longer lasting.It should also be noted that many of the counterfeit honeys are cut with high fructose corn syrup to further extend the product and make more honey for each ounce of honey produced.

Benefits of eating raw honey.

Buying raw honey from a local bee kepper can be costly but there are many important benefits associated with the additional cost.

Here it is:

1) You know where your honey comes from.

When you buy honey from store shelves you want to know what you are consuming infact,you have no way of knowing exactly where your food comes from.

2) Healthy

Raw honey has many health benefits.Natural honey has both antiviral and antifungal properties.It also contains antioxidants,which balance blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure,kick pants in the immune system and helps in digestion.

3) Rich in Amino acids.

Our body needs amino acids to function and stay healthy.Honey is rich in amino acids and proteins.This is great because our bodies uses proteins to build stronger muscles.

4) Balanced nutrition.

Are you having trouble eating a balanced diet? Although it can be hard ,eating raw honey can help balance your diet.

5) Helping you look younger.

Raw honey has anti aging properties.This means that even if your birthday increase year by year,your body doesn't have to be the same if you eat raw honey regularly.

How to test your honey is raw "fake".

The thumb test.

You can take the honey home and put a cotton swabon your fingertip thumb.If the honey remains a drop,you have real honey in your hand,when honey flows,raw honey is rich and illiquid and can be mixed with corn syrup.

The flame test.

Did you know the raw honey can be flammable? when these bees are dehydrated they run out of water so if you try to immerse a matchstick in the honey and light it should glow.If the matchstick doesn't light then the honey is fake.

Water quality test.

Add a drop of honey in a glass of water.Raw honey is so dense that it quickly sinks unlike fake honey.

Are you consuming raw or fake honey kindly tell me on the comment section.

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