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Best Lemon Desserts To Taste Around The World

1. Lemon Herb Shortbread Cookies

If you are a lemon shortbread fan you will probably love these.With a comforting classic shortbread cookie texture, the herbs definitely add up to the flavour.It is advisable to use herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage or earl grey tea leaves.

2. Chocolate Mint Fudge

Chocolate combined with herbs can yield some very delicious outcomes.Chocolate chip mint ice-cream is a favourite for many,so you can try a chocolate mint fudge to taste the goodness.

3.Mint Panna Cotta

If you think you’re not a huge fan of panna cotta you have to try the mint flavoured one because it might just sway your opinion about panna cotta.

4. Parsley Cake

Parsley cake is definitely one of the most unique desserts.Many might say that it is one of those desserts that has an acquired taste but it is actually quite delicious.

5. Sweet Corn Cilantro Ice-Cream

This is a perfect dessert for the cilantro lovers to try it. Sweet corn is actually a great ice-cream flair therefore if you haven’t tried it then you are definitely missing out. It is one of those unexpected things that you find hesitant to try but then you’re immediately hooked.

6.Salted Thyme Chocolate Chunk Cookies

You probably have heard that adding salt flakes to chocolate desserts and cookies makes them even more delicious.Well it is okay to say thyme in chocolate chunk cookies is the secret ingredient you never expected to work but it surely does.

7.Peach Basil Galette

Galettes are great for those who don’t like messing about with pie crusts.They are easier to make and have that original home-made outlook.

8. Lemon Honey Thyme Bars

Lemon and honey are a delightful mix, but once you add thyme to it, it absolutely changes the taste to a more delicious one.The herbs give out a much interesting and sophisticated flavor.

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