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Do you love food salad or desserts? These are some of the best and delicious flower salads ever

Beautiful to look at, flowers are welcoming addition to almost any environment. Thus including the kitchen or restaurants. A vant grade cuisine often found features adiblr flowers,but you don't have to have a Michelin star to join in your only need to know which species are edible.

Some flowers we commonly plant are poisonous, or have poisonous components,while others RS can act like little multivitamins. There are hundreds of flower species and varieties that can be added to salads, drinks, desserts or other dishes.


For many gardeners, these species are already there. They are mainly planted for their stalks and too ts, but the flowers of the family have a mild taste that compliment other parts of the plant well. Pickled chive flowers make a great addition to peppery cocktails, like a bloody Mary or martini.

Marigold ( calendula).

Beautiful in bed,pots, verges or as companion plant in a vegetable garden, marigolds ( but not sure the African marigold). Also have a zingy, lemony taste to them and thus make perfect additions to desserts like cheese cake or fruit tarts. Further more, their yellow leaves contain a natural dye that's known as poor man's suffron and can be used to make yellow dishes, or even dye natural fibers. Flowers from pot marigold, a species known as calendula, not only add a touch of piquancy to a dish but also are good for wound healing.

Honey suckles.

Owing their name, honey suckles have a sweet t nectary taste. You can cook with them and their sweet taste compliment sweet dishes or r can be used to freshen up. They can also be used to make jam.


The flowers from the watercress family, can be eaten and have a very similar taste to watercress itself. The peppery flowers and re colourful way that o introduce flavors to bland salad or can be used as pepper substitute.


Tulip flowers perfect petals, as one homesteading blogger wrote; tulips flowers are perfect for freezing to use as temporary ice cream or yoghurt scoops. Their sweet lettuce flavors make them great in spring salad as well.

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