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Do You Know Why Apples And Other Fruits Have Pasted Stickers

I know most of us have seen or buy apples. You might have noticed that in a grocery store apples and some fruits have stickers, but have you ever asked yourself why do they have those stickers or are they for? For your information those stickers pasted on the apples or other fruits aren't for decoration purposes.

In today's article we gonna learn about what those stickers mean and why you should pay key attention to fruits with stickers. The stickers display key information about the quality of the fruit.

Those special codes pasted on the apples or other fruits are called Price Look - up ( PLU). This PLU code indicates fruit production method, for example the fruit was grown organically or chemicals we're used.

Let's look at what each sticker code mean.

1. A four code sticker with four digits e.g (4035), it means that the fruit is conventionally produced, chemical fertilizers and pesticides were used to grow the fruit, hence not good for your health.

2. A five code sticker starting with 9 e.g ( 90586), means that the fruit is organically produced and not genetically modified, thus very good for your health.

3. A five digit code starting with 8 e.g ( 80926), means that the fruit is genetically modified, hence not so much organic.

So when going to a grocery store careful look at those stickers before picking up your fruits, for your own health benefits.

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