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10 Foods That You Don't Have To Keep In The Fridge

Some foods are better when stored under room temperature than in the fridge. Others have to be stored in low temperatures to prevent them from going bad. Here is a list of what you should never store in the fridge.

1. Bell peppers- You do not have to keep ball peppers in the fridge. Instead, store them at a room temperature in the kitchen drawer. This is because pepper will lose it's freshness and crispness when stored under low temperatures.

2. Sauces- Sauces are best when stored in the kitchen cabinet even if they have been opened. There is no need of refrigerating them as they don't go bad.

3. Exotic fruits- Exotic fruits which include oranges, bananas, mangoes, pawpaws and other tropical fruits are best when stored in room temperature. Very low temperatures will ruin their appearance and make them turn to red brown.

4. Chocolate- Keeping chocolate in the fridge will absorb other scents and also moisture that will give it a white coating. Although the white coating doesn't affect it's taste, it does not look appealing.

5. Butter- Butter can be safely kept under room temperature for a couple of days unlike other dairy products which go bad quickly. This is because it contains 80 percent fat and low percentage of water that makes it unsuitable for bacterial growth.

6. Peaches- Peaches need few more days to ripen before they ready for consumption. In this case, they need to be stored under room temperature because low temperatures will slow down their ripening process.

7. Bread- Keeping bread in the fridge will make it dry up faster. It should be stored in a dark cupboard or bread box at room temperature.

8. Unopened soda and soft drinks- Unsealed soft drinks may be stored in warm or cold temperatures. It can be stored for a couple of months and be good for consumption.

9. Canned fish- Unopened cans don't have to be stored in the fridge as this won't make them last longer. However, once you open the can, transfer the fish to sealed container and put in the fridge.

10. Basil- Refrigerating basil will make their leaves turn into black. Instead, trim the stems and place them in a glass of water and cover it with a plastic bag.

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