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" The Magic Tea "of assamica variety which is antioxidant.

The leaves of this tea has antioxidant value like bitter melon and other foods which has medicinal value such as anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory , reduce cholesterol and prevents cold and flues.

The tea is purple and have half the caffeine unlike the green tea.The taste is like that of sweet plums.It comes with many brands like purple rain,purple jasmine,purple mint and purple leaf.

The tea is mainly grown in highlands regions such as Muranga,Kirinyaga,Kiambu,Jericho and some parts of Nyeri.Lately there has been roaming disease called cancer which have left many families having depression on how their patient would get proper medication due to huge amount of money they are expected to pay,this can be cut out in the research that is currently going on ,the tea is believed to slow down the bitterness and pain of the disease in some percentage,also it's believed that the "herb"can reduce the day level in people who have obesity.

If the researches can get this correct ,it will dramatically swift people to this "herb"which is readily available and easy to access at ease.There are also disadvantage in this for as medics says you cannot dissolve oil in water, therefore,herbal medicine and chemical cannot or should not be mixed and can cause some malfunction of the body or dead in severe cases.

It's wise to be wiser than the wise.

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