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How Milk Is The New Booming Business In Nairobi.

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A glass of milk can fill more than just your stomach it can also fill your pockets. Milk is a commodity that is consumed on a daily basis worldwide and in Kenya milk is more than just a drink it is in our culture. Milk comes in different varieties or flavors, first, there is cow milk which is dominant in the Kenyan market, then goat milk and camel milk are also available.

Milk contains a package of irreplaceable nutrients that are essential to the human body. A child's first nutrition is largely based on milk, even though water is life milk brings you to life before you start drinking water. Some of the salient reasons you should add milk more regularly to your diet include calcium, potassium, and the much-needed vitamin D.

Business-wise milk might just be the option you need to put to test your business skills. Milk consumption in Kenya is always sky high with very little or no competition from other drinks. In Nairobi, a regular household consumes tea daily accompanied by bread, mandazi, chapati, cakes, eggs, or any other snacks. Although big companies have a lion's share of the market a new era is dawning.


Fresh milk is in high demand due to the influx of processed milk in shops, stores, and supermarkets. Kenyans are leaning towards healthier lifestyles and cutting off processed goods is one of the options. In most residential areas fresh milk sells more than packaged milk. Milk farmers who sell to factories are now also selling to entrepreneurs with milk bars and milk ATMs.Kenyans then buy fresh milk instead of packaged and chemical-rich milk from factories.

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Other milk products that these entrepreneurs sell include yogurts, sour milk( Maziwa mala), cream, butter, cheese, and custard. Business is booming for these smart entrepreneurs in Nairobi city. Thanks for reading, share and follow for more.

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