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5 Facts in the World We Hardly Recognize

There are 19 ingredients in McDonald’s French fries

Most people do love French fries, the main ingredient when making them is potato. McDonald’s French fries are prepared with a total of 19 ingredients , in addition to salt and oil, there is natural beef flavoring, citric acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate for maintain color, and other ingredients that might be dangerous to your body 

The stinging shrub in Australia can give you weird thoughts

The plant is called Gympie and it can inject into you’re a body a substance called neurotoxin which is so powerful that it can make you have suicidal thought. The extreme pain from the plant can make you animals and insects try to kill themselves 

Ordinary beverages contain a huge amount of sugar

There is that amount of sugar that is recommended to us by doctors but some of this ordinary beverages contain the amount that will really shock you one can of Cola contains 10 whole teaspoon of sugar, just imagine what that will do to your body over a period of time.

Drowned people do not reach the surface of Lake Tahoe

We expect the body of a drowned person to come to the surface but this is not the case in Lake Tahoe which is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The water in the lake is so cold that people who drown in here don’t float to the surface; as a result, there are thousands of dead bodies preserved deep down the lake. Divers cannot get deep into the lake without special equipment because of its extreme depth 

Snow White had no job

In the movie, the character snow white has a job; taking care of the dwarfs. However in real life actress Adriana Caselotti has never worked again after voicing the Disney princess, this is because the company was not ready for her voice to be featured any other place. The most surprising part is that she earned only 970 dollars for her film, however according to her; she did not regret her decision

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