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How To Prepare Pumkin Chapatis


1. Vegetable oil

2. Warm water

3. Block of butter

4. Salt

5. Sugar

6. Pumkin

7. All purpose wheat flour

Method to prepare

Prepare the pumpkin by first dicing and boiling them. Blend the pumpkin using a blender so that you can get that final puree.

Using a different bowl take the all purpose wheat flour and mix it with the salt and sugar. Add warm water and stir.

Add the pumpkin puree into the flour mixture and keep on stirring.

Take your pan and melt the butter then add to the mixture.

Add the vegetable oil and knead to make a round dough.

Keep on taking one small dough at a time and flatten them so that you can make your perfect round shape.

Start cooking the chapatis. Make sure you oil on both sides. Once the chapatis turn to golden brown remove them and place them in a serving dish.

You can serve them with meat or peas stew.

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Pumkin Chapatis Salt


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