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10 of Kenyan best food

In Kenya people consume different types of food daily but below are some of most consumed foods in Kenya .

1.ugali(cornmeal staple )

The most Kenyan staple food is ugali ,most Kenyans consume this food at lunch time and evening.

2. IRIO ( mashed peas and potato mix )

It is one of the most famous dishes in Kenya ,a food that originated as Kikuyu staple food .

3 Githeri ( beans and corn )

Githeri is a Kenyan dish that consist of boiled beans with corn kernels and possibly mixed with a little bit of vegetables .

4 .Kenyan pilau ( spiced rice )

Pilau is a glorified combination of rice cooked with flavour bursting spices like cumin .

5. Wali wa mnazi ( coconut rice)

Coconut rice is a Kenyan food mostly along the Indian ocean coast ,white rice is cooked with grated coconut meat to creat a fragnt twist on plain boiled rice .

6. Collard greens /kales

This is one of most popular Kenyan Food . 7.Kenyan stew .

Kenyan stew can include a number of different meats : beef stew ,goat stew and chicken stew .

8 .Nyama choma .

9.Matoke ( plain banana stew )


Content created and supplied by: Jamesvic (via Opera News )

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