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Discover How To Cook This Delicious Kenyan Food, Matoke

Matoke is a sound food that is accepted to have been begun from Kisii land. In this way it is the most prepared food by africans particularly the Kisii public. 

Kisii district is notable for the rich prolific soils which makes it feasible for bananas to develop quick and solid. Bananas are the fundamental fixings in planning matoke. In this article, I have featured nearly couple of steps to make the best matoke ever, see underneath. 

The following is the thing that you need 

A decent pack of unripe bananas (ideally 10 to 15 bananas), 1/4 red meat, 3 major all around cleaved tomatoes, 1large slashed onion. two slashed into little pieces and altogether washed carrots. barely any strands of dhania leaves. 1 table spoonful salt for taste, 250 grams curry powder and finally a 1/2 cup vegetable cooking oil. 


First smear some oil on your hands as bananas has tacky liquid and strip the unripe bananas. The oil ordinarily encourages your body not to get the tacky fluids from the bananas. 

Second, Place the slashed red meat in a cooking bowl. 

Thirdly, Add a touch of salt for taste and one cup of unadulterated water. 

Fourth, place the cooking bowl in a broiler and afterward let it bubble for 25 minutes till the meat turns out to be delicate and delicate. 

Fifth, when the meat is prepared, channel the soup that is remaining and set aside. This soup will be used later so put it some place clean. 

6th, add oil in the meat and warmth in a medium warmth and mix to blend them and afterward add the slashed onions. 

Seventh, permit the onions to sear with the meat for around 4 minutes at that point add tomatoes and the hacked carrots. 

Eighth, Stir to blend then equally and cover to stew until the tomatoes have cooked and afterward add the readied bananas to hamburger and mix them equitably. 

In conclusion, add the meat soup, salt, dhania and the exact opposite thing to add is curry powder. curry powder should be added last to add flavor to your cooking. At that point cover your cooking and let it cook for 15 minutes or until the bananas are delicate relying upon the temperature from the broiler. Following 15 minutes your matoke ought to be prepared for utilization.

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Kenyan Kisii Matoke


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