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The 5 French Mother Sauces, Explained

Classical French cuisine has been extraordinarily influential in the culinary world.

Even if you don't fancy yourself a chef , you've probably incorporated elements of classical French cooking into your home kitchen on more than one occasion.

French cuisine is renowned for its liberal use of flavorful sauce. After all, a well - crafted sauce add moisture, richness , complexity , and color to almost any dish .

There are countless varieties of French sauce, the majority of which are derived from one of five mother sauce .

1) Bechamel

Bechamel is a rich, white sauce made from flour , butter , and milk. It's often used to create classic cream - based sauce

2) Veloute

Veloute is made with butter, flour , and either chicken , veal , or fish stock . This sauce and its derivatives are very versatile and usually served as a gravy over meats or vegetables

3) Espagnole ( brown sauce )

Espagnole is a basic brown sauce made from brown roux brown stock , puréed tomatoes , and mirepoix. Its rich, complex flavor pairs well with dark meats , such as beef and duck

4) Hollandaise

Hollandaise combines egg yolk , butter , and lemon juice . Both it and its derivative sauces are popularly served over eggs , vegetables, fish , or chicken

5) Tomato

Classical French tomato sauces are thickened with roux and flavored with pork , whereas modern ones usually consists of puréed tomatoes reduced into a thick , rich sauce

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