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How to make soft chapati

 I have been posting a lot of recipes with roti or chapati, especially the leftover roti recipes. for instance last week i had posted leftover roti ladoo and roti sandwich. i think these posts triggered a lot of recipe requests to post a video on how to make soft roti, phulka and even chapati. hence i thought of posting all the 3 variations with single wheat flour dough. well i have tried or attempted to showcase all the tips and tricks for all 3 variations, but i trust it may not be complete. every mother, wife or a cook would have some or other tips to make it even better. i believe cooking is an art and it can be fine-tuned by sharing the knowledge with one another. i am open to listen and update my technique. feel free to pass on your comment and suggestions to me and i will try to accommodate it in my cooking art.

Furthermore, i would like to highlight some more tips, suggestions, and variations to make a perfect roti & chappati. firstly kneading is the key step for getting a soft and puffy indian flatbread recipe. do not over knead it and also do not press it hard with a lot of pressure. your kneading should be soft and gentle. secondly, i have not added any extra oil while mixing the dough. i know some prefer to add oil while mixing and preparing the dough. it should be equally fine to add if you prefer to have it. lastly, to get a puffy roti and phulka, do not rest the rolled round disc. i recommend to roll it and fry the disc immediately or simultaneously. also, do not overheat the frying pan as the disc may stick to the pan.

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