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5 Working Tricks On How To Make Your Gas Last Longer

1. Make sure that you're cooking pot bottom cover the flame. The gas has a control knob where you regulate the flame. Don't always turn the control knob on the high side. Any flame outside the bottom of your cooking pot is a waste of gas.

2. keep your cooking pot clean and shining. A clean and shining cooking pot usually absorbs heat very fast. So always keep your cooking pot's outer surface clean and shiny to avoid gas wastage.

3. Keep all your ingredients ready before cooking. Always keep all your ingredients ready before setting your cooking pot on fire. This also saves your cooking gas, for the quantity of water used, always use a moderate quantity of water to start your cooking.

4. Clean and neat cooking gas burner brings out the blue flame which heats the cooking pot very fast. A dirty burner brings out a yellow flame that spells and also takes time to hit the pot. Always keep your cooking stove clean to save your gas

5. Cook at the appropriate time. As the saying goes there is time for everything. There is time to cook and time to do more house chores. Don't set your food on fire and beauty or other things that will take your mind off your cooking. This also saves your cooking gas. Save your cooking gas today and save your money.

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