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You don't need a fridge to keep your tomatoes fresh for long. Use this instead.

Tomatoes are fruit like vegetables. Quite a number have used them before as spices or are still using them daily as spices. Tomatoes rarely miss in cooked food. They are the most common vegetable spices worldwide.

At some point you may want to buy tomatoes in bulk but you cannot because of the fear of them spoiling. Many believe that its only the fridge that can be able to conserve them.

But is that really the case?

There is a home remedy that you can use to ensure that your tomatoes are in the best shape and quality for a longer time.

You need nothing but your floor. A cold floor.

Placing your tomatoes on a bare cold floor can make them last for upto a month or so depending on how cold your floor is.

Just like a frigde , the cold floors have very low temperatures. This kind of environment helps tomatoes last longer because the bacteria responsible for ripening and decomposing tomatoes is deactivated :regulated optimumly. With this, the tomatoes acquire the best temperatures to maintain their quality and freshness for long.

We don't really need a fridge to conserve tomatoes. Not all of us can afford one.

The next time you think of buying tomatoes in bulk, go ahead. Your cold floor has your back.

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