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Forget About White And Brown Eggs, Here Are Chicken Breeds That Lay Blue Eggs

Most chicken breeds that are rared across the globe lay brown or white eggs. However, some breeds lay blue eggs. The demand for the blue egg-laying breeds has skyrocketed. Ameraucanas, Easter Eggers and Araucanas are the only breeds known for laying blue eggs.

Ameraucanas chicken are a pure breed that was recognized by American Poultry Association since 1984. The chicken was most likely originally bred from South American blue egg laying breeds. In later years, they were developed and standardized in the United States. Distinctive colours for the breed are Blue, Black, Lavender, White and Wheaten.

Araucanas chicken is a rare breed than Ameraucanas. Lacking tails is the major characteristics of these birds. The breed has prominent ear tufts. Araucanas are also a pure breed that originated in Chile. They come in five colors including black, white, duckwing silver and golden.

Easter Eggers are mixed breed chickens which possess the blue egg gene.However, they partially meet the breed specifications of either Araucanas or Ameraucanas. Easter Eggers come in many colours. You can never know what egg colour each hen will lay until they start laying.

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