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Differentiate between Naturally and Artificially Ripened Fruits In These Ways

This is the peak season for mangoes where we greet Kambas with lots of respect. A variety are available in the market and our choices will depend on what we like.

All in all,we all have different love for different fruits but because people are lucrative, we may find ourselves buying unhealthy fruits that have been ripened in a way we may not like. This article will help you know the difference between a fruit that has ripened naturally or one in which artificial ways were infused.

Tropical fruits go into ripening after maturity. These fruits generate some amount of heat and ethylene gas which aids in the ripening process.

Artificial Ripening.

Calcium Carbide has been used in the ripening of mangoes and bananas. Nowadays, bananas are ripened in ethylene gas chambers.

A cheaper and faster method is available in the market which involves dipping fruits in the Ethrel solution which is a highly carcinogenic chemical. The skin of the fruit absorbs the chemical to trigger formation of ethylene gas .

Here, the gas only acts outside, the fruit will look yellow and beautiful but the pulp colour is pale yellow and is less sweet. The inner depth of the pulp can be totally unripe.

Naturally Ripened Fruit.

For a mango.

1.The entire fruit is uniformly yellow. The yellowing starts from the shoulder going downwards but the insides ripen simultaneously.

2.There are blemishes on the skin because the generated heat is not evenly distributed as ripening process begins.

3. As the fruit ripens, it releases a smell that is typical to it.

For Bananas.

1.There are blemishes on the skin owing to the fact that the heat generated is not evenly distributed.

2. The stalk of the fruit turns yellow as ripening starts and by the time it is fully ripened , it becomes brown.

3 The flavour, aroma and taste of the fruit is typical to it being a banana.

Identifying artificially ripened fruit.

1.The stalk of the banana is still greenish though the fruit is uniformly yellow but has no aroma.

2.Mango fruit is fruit is uniform yellow but of lighter shade, with no aroma.

Things to note:

If you consumed too much of fruit ripened with ethrel, you grow older at an early age, develop baldness, your hair greys and the skin becomes loose.

In the later stages, you might be diagnosed with cancer.

Therefore be so cautious with the fruits you eat and make sure you eat naturally grown fruits.

Comment and give us your own ways of distinguishing between naturally ripened and artificially ripened fruits.

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