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Here Is A Rare Herb Earning Kenyan Farmers Millions Of Money

There is little known about a rare herb that some Kenyan farmers are making a fortune out of the feathery green plant which many people have definitely seen it being used to make delicious salads but they have never been keen to know more about the herb.

The Dill herb has a sweet fragrance that adds an enticing flavor to meals and most chefs fancy including it at the last moment when preparing flavor fish, potatoes and various soups as it conjures magic in terms of the aroma.

The herb has become the most sought-after spice in central Europe, North Africa, Russia, Central Asia, the United States and some parts of Scandinavia with its demand increasing steadily in Hindi Hotels and the international market.

Few Kenyan farmers have started cultivating the herb and the rewards have been tangible since in the local market, a leaf of the plant goes for Ksh 25 while a bunch of it in shopping malls can fetch a farmer Ksh 2000 which reflects to a million shillings should one manage to package 500 bunches.

While the crop is mostly used to add flavor to food, research had shown that the herb has healing and medicinal values as it has been discovered to contain anti-diabetic effects which could be valuable to people struggling with sugar ailments.

Some communities grind the seeds from the plant and mix them with water to treat digestive problems while some people simply chew their seeds to cure their breathing problems.

The herb which can also curb insomnia can be chewed to reduce cramp pains while lactating mothers can chew it to increase milk production for their infants.

Dill herbs take only seventy days from planting time to fully mature and can be grown in either clay soil, Loam soil or Sandy soil provided the soil has a PH of 4.5 to 6.5 and requires little rainfall of about 650mm to 1000mm to thrive.

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