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Did you know that you can get rid of intestinal worms naturally by consuming these types of food

You can get rid of intestinal worms by just consuming these foods ingredients;


You can either use pawpaw seeds or pawpaw flesh to get rid of these intestinal worms. If you are using pawpaw flesh, ferment cubes chopped from your pawpaw into cider vinegar then consume. If you are using seeds then all you have to do is just mix pawpaw seeds powder with honey.


Tumeric is antimicrobial in nature . It can be used to get rid of all kinds of intestinal worms and even healing of wounds . Consume tumeric by adding 1 tsp of it into a glass of buttermilk. Consume on a daily basis.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed is enriched with curcurbitacin compound that has antiparasitic enzymes which helps get rid of worms found in the intestines and digestive tract.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves are rich in antibacterial properties. You can either chew or grind neem leaves to form it's paste. Put 1tsp of neem paste in a glass of water . Consume consistently to kill these worms.


Garlic ingredient contain antibacterial properties properties which helps kill bacteria and parasites in human body. It's filled with allicin compounds which helps kill amoeba . It also help detoxify your body when used regularly.


Garlic helps destroy worms in the intestines and protect gut from damage because it is ideal for improving acid production in the stomach.

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