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How To Cook Soft and Delicious Chapatis

Most people complain about chapatis not being soft, some blame it on the flour, others on the temperature of the water being used, others swear by hot water. I decided to give a step by step guidance on how to hack a soft layer chapati.


1)3 cups all purpose flour

2)2 tablespoon margarine

3)1 table spoon sugar

4)11/2 cups of warm water

5)Oil for cooking

The recipe;

1)In a bowl mix flour, sugar and salt. Add margarine mix with hands to form crumbs,I use a little bit of sugar in mine because I love savoury taste. Omit it,if you don't like it.

2) Make a well and pour water bit by bit as you kneed.

3) Continue kneading on your work surface for another 3 minutes.

4)Finally dough should be firm but soft and not sticky.

5) After 30 minutes,knead again and cut into balls.

6)Roll out the balls in a circular shape with a rolling pin, one at time.

7)In a medium heat, place your skillet let it warm up. Then put your chapati on top,fry both sides until brown.

8) Serve with your favorite stew or even tea.

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