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Four simple tricks to prevent milk from spilling when boiling

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Certainly all of us have gone through the annoying moment when milk suddenly spills out of the pot onto the floor creating a mess. It does not matter how attentive you are because a few seconds of distraction is enough to make you lose a considerable amount milk. For that reason, today I will take you through four simple tricks that will help you to prevent milk from spilling when boiling.

1.    Using a wooden spatula (mwiko)

Place a wooden spatula on top of the milk pot and ensure it is in the middle as shown in the picture below. When the milk boils, the spatula will prevent the milk from rising and spilling over onto the floor and source of heat.

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2.    Sprinkling a little water onto the boiling milk

Just as the milk starts to rise, sprinkle a few drops of water at a time. Water will cause the foam that appears on top of the milk as it approaches boiling point to go down thus preventing it from spilling. Just don’t use too much water, a few drops will do.

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3.    Stirring

The surest way of preventing milk from spilling over is through continuous stirring just as it starts to rise. This helps to get rid of air bubbles and foam which are the major culprits as far as spilling of milk is concerned. You can use a wooden spatula to stir the milk.

4.    Rubbing butter on the rim of the pot

Another method is smearing a little butter such as margarine on the rim of the milk pot before you start boiling. Ensure you don’t use too much butter but just enough to smear somewhere from the middle to the top of the pot.

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