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Why Homemade Dishes Are Better Than Restaurant Dishes.

1.You eat fewer calories without realizing.

Restaurant foods are often packed with excess butter, oils,salt and chemical additives. This is because you cannot control the amount and type of ingredients the the cook or chef adds to the food. However , homemade food is much healthier because you tend to want to make something that's healthy and you control the amount and type of ingredients that you use for your food.

 As cook you tend to munch on the healthy ingredients such as a carrot or a tomato. This shows that cooking often causes you to develop a habit of munching on vegetables and fruits, even when you are not cooking. It also reduces your intake on the cooked food as you have already filled a part of your stomach when you were munching during cooking.You are also less likely to have sugary desserts and drinks.

2.It helps you become more mindful of what you are putting in your body.

As you eat the food that you cooked yourself, you tend to try to look for the taste of the special ingredients that you added while cooking. This help your mind to come back to the present moment, clearing the mind of all stressful thoughts , to enjoy the flavours of the food you cooked and to note down areas that need improvement.

3.It helps you socialize with people and your loved ones.

Ask your kids to join you in the kitchen.Make them engage in activities such as peeling or stirring , this helps them develop skills in cooking and some might find this a passion leading to a career later on . While cooking invite your kids,spouse and relatives in the kitchen ,this is because you are likely to engage in a conversation which enables you to know more about each other, and catch up on each other's lives.Also after cooking you share your meal on the table and share complements strengthening relationships.Remember to share with neighbors as well to increase healthy long lasting relationships with them.

4.You stimulate your brain.

As you cook you tend to try to make sure that the food is as tasty and as attractive as possible. This causes you to think and activate your creativity.It also helps you improve your kitchen skills, which makes cooking not only a skill but a part of your nature. Cooking also stimulates serotonin ,a hormone that causes happiness because as you eat you tend d be happy with the results, because you took a lot of time to make food as tasty as possible.

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