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Meet the world's largest banana

Brazil is known for soccer, Japan auto ware, and Jamaica for reggae music. However, some countries might be small in size and population but they got extraordinary beauty that others envy. Most countries have been known for adopting the western culture and getting assimilated to it hence foregoing their own. The Asian continent is known for harboring cultures that other parts of the world only find like science fiction.

Away from culture and traditions, plants are also part of this beautiful and amazing creation of this continent. Papua New Guinea has however stood out for habiting one of the most mysterious plants known as Musa ingens. 

This type of banana is called the largest banana on the whole planet. Musa banana is the mother of most edible dessert bananas. the banana was first cultivated by humans in 8000 BCE and is known as one of the earliest plants to be domesticated. Musa ingens grow to a height of up to 49 feet tall that is equivalent to 15 meters. Its trunk is 94 centimeters in diameter and unfurled leaves each running 20 meters off the ground. Musa ingens banana produce fruits around 18 centimeters long each and are edible when cooked. They have a flavor and texture similar to plantain.

What is the most mysterious plant have you ever heard of? comment below.

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