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Have You Been Poor In Bed Duties? These Foods May Be Responsible for It

Studies have revealed that our diatry habits play a big role in the way we perform our daily activities. For instance if you consume a lunch containing too much carbohydrates, you are likely to become sluggish and probably sleep at the office. Recent research, has linked the following foods with short span and poor performance during love making.

1.Fried foods. To those whose favorite meals are the fried ones, you better quit them or end up lacking your drive in bed matters. The trans-fat found in most fried foods is known to increase abnormal sperm production in men while it interferes gestation in women. This results to low libido.

2. Sugars. Large intakes of sugars causes an drastic increase in the blood sugar levels. Therefore the body reacts by reducing blood sugar levels through various means. This usually results in both low blood sugar levels and energy production leading to fatigues, food cravings and brain fog.

3.Chocolate. Although it is delicious meal chocolate should not be consumed in large amounts. Chocolate contains high percentages of methylxanthines, which causes make us lethargy and sleep, naturally lowering your love making drive.

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