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Worst Foods in Your Refrigerator

What Do You Keep in Your Fridge?

Flavored Yogurt

Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla — flavored yogurt has three times the sugar of plain yogurt in a normal 6-ounce serving. Plain full-fat yogurt with fresh berries and almonds is a delicious combination. You'll consume less sugar, more fiber, and a greater number of nutrients. Furthermore, full-fat yogurt suppresses hunger more effectively than nonfat yogurt, which may aid weight loss.


A tablespoon of butter contains 93.8 calories. Mustard has roughly 15 calories per tablespoon, though you'd definitely use a lot less of it. Toss the mayo because it's too tempting to slap on a sandwich when it's right there in the fridge. Keep the mustard on the table.


There's nothing surprising about this. It's high in empty calories with no nutritional benefit. Pitch it: If it's not there, you can't drink it. Try some seltzer with a squeeze of lemon as an alternative.

Hot Dogs

Meat that has been processed to extend its shelf life (for example, by curing or smoking) has been associated to colorectal cancer and perhaps stomach cancer. Hot dogs, ham, sausage, and corned beef are just a few examples.

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